Reciprocity: An Artist's Book
by Judith Ferrara

Art and Poetry for Your Home and Office


is a handmade, numbered and signed artist's book in a limited edition of one hundred (100).

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What is an artist's book?

This "is a term given to publications mixing words and images in unusual, inventive ways. Since the early twentieth century, artists who are also writers and writers who make art have been designing books that magnify the communicative power of their separate media and bypass traditional modes of distribution and display. Some of these books are unique objects, or are produced in limited editions…".

  M. Kasper

What is 'reciprocity'?
Most poems and paintings I make are not overtly related to each other, but occasionally a phenomenon that I call "reciprocity" occurs. Creating a painting or a poem comes from the need to act upon a strong urge to respond to an event, memory, observation, or idea. However, when that work is done, there are times when something insists, "There is more." My task is to leave the door open and continue. The resulting reciprocal painting and poem are bound together in response to something that may have taken a split second to happen, but many hours at my easel and word processor to resolve.

Facts about Reciprocity: An Artist's Book:

  • Each book contains twenty-two (22) reproductions of my paintings, printed on 8.5 inch by 11 inch heavyweight, double-sided matte photo paper, are signed and ready for framing with their reciprocally-inspired poems printed on the reverse sides.

  • There are eighteen (18) vertical and four (4) horizontal images. Please see photo above for a framing suggestion which enables you to enjoy any image and poem you choose - FRAME SHOWN IS NOT INCLUDED, but can be found in an office supply store, in the retail section under "stand-up sign holders." Or consult your framer about floating images on mat board.

  • Cover material: .06 styrene, a strong flexible plastic; image and text are printed on vutek 6 color pressure 200, solvent-based inkjet with UV fusion.

  • All pages are stored in heavyweight, archival quality, acid-free sleeves, ready for you to display and enjoy in your home and/or office.

  • Included is a listing of poem/painting titles and acknowledgments. End Notes describe the sources of inspiration for each reciprocal pair.

  • Each book is hand-bound with leather lacing.

  • To learn more background on how Reciprocity: An Artist's Book came to be, return to the home page, click on Judy's Journal and select the 2007-November entry. or click here.

Here is how you can receive your copy of Reciprocity: An Artist's Book:

  • Your copy of this limited edition artist's book is available for $100, plus shipping and handling. Check or money order only (US dollars). No credit cards or electronic money transfers will be accepted.

  • If you wish to order a copy and/or need more information, email me: using the subject heading Artist's Book. Be sure to include your name and mailing address.

  • Please allow four to six weeks for delivery.