Photo Credit: Jennie Anne Benigas



April 2017

“It is through…art and art only that we can shield ourselves from the sordid perils of actual experience.” Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), from The Quotable Artist, by Peggy Hadden.



Art as a Shield

Dear Reader,

Art is art, without the need for purpose or utility. Art just is. After reading Oscar Wilde’s words, I thought about using art as a shield. That is a purpose, so art can be utilitarian. What is art and what’s it for?

Art is an opportunity to look into someone’s soul and find a companion.
Art is a surprise waiting for anyone.
Art is consolation when you are broken and weeping.
Art is a haven, even though it might depict hell.
Art is a flower opening with the speed of light.
Art is paper, cloth, granite, wrappers, gowns, bronze, wood.
Art is draped, seated, propped, hung, spinning with the wind.
Art is silent, buzzing, sighing, cackling.
Art is delicious, sour, tart, juicy.
Art is an eye, a flowerpot, and a shape you can’t quite decipher.
Art is a drop of water and a star.
Art is red, red-brown, red-orange, red-blue and purple.
Art is a parachute, a blossom and an umbrella dripping with rain.
Art is five seeds and a pot of soil.
Art is a metaphor or simile underlined in sapphire.
Art is a running commentary on bliss.
Art is a fine line, then a wide black circle and three dots.
Art is a bump, then a jolt.
Art is a sapling in the woods.
Art is an elephant dancing on your retina.