Photo Credit: Tracy Raphaelson



September 2004

Dear Reader,

Welcome to my web site and to my first monthly journal entry. I will be exploring topics under the general heading of the creative process that I feel compelled to write about in a personal and informal way. "Judy's Journal" will give me a chance to share some thoughts and experiences about art and writing with you. When I had the idea to include my journal on this web site, I began to brainstorm a list of possible art and poetry ideas for the future. In no particular order, here are a few from my ever-expanding list.

· Where do poems and paintings come from?
· Tribute to the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, New York.
· What about reciprocal paintings and poems?
· Books that have influenced my poetry and art.
· "You'll never do that!" - comment about my ambition to visit every museum in the world.
· Museum shoes: when and where they've been.
· Getting rid of Elvis: making revisions in art and writing.
· Strategies for revision in writing and painting.

October's journal entry will be "Why Keep a Journal?" If you would like to email me with your ideas, questions or comments about the creative process, please do so: